We Are One People

About Us

At BWYB, we deeply value the communities around us and strive to make a positive community impact with good, thoughtful people. No matter your race, culture, or ethnicity, you can join the BWYB movement and make a difference in your own community. Together, we can change the world one community at a time. 

A Brand Born of Courage

BWYB, an acronym for Black-White-Yellow-Brown, was founded on the belief that we are all one people, irrespective of social constructs that often divide us. Our founder Markeyon Wallock transformed his passion for social justice, into a powerful brand meant to build bridges across all communities. Through our clothing line, BWYB stands as a beacon of hope and change, urging good thoughtful people to build bridges and unite. In effort to build bridges and unite, we have founded and partnered with the BWYB Foundation, dedicated to providing educational programs to diverse communities and cultures worldwide.


BWYB is rooted in the commitment to bridge racial divides and bring good, thoughtful people together. We are one people and will strive to educate the masses about race via the BWYB Foundation, to develop a pair of lenses to understand each other's perspectives and celebrate our differences. 


At BWYB, we aim to build bridges to bring good thoughtful people together, starting with the inner city of Chicago and moving worldwide. When you wear or utilize our products, you are sending a positive message to people that don't look like you, letting them know you're an ally and extending grace.

Learn About Our Community

Crafted with the finest fabrics, our apparel is comfortable, durable, and stylish. With every item purchased from BWYB, you will support a community that is comprised of good thoughtful people who are searching to do good in our world. 

Our creatively designed apparel is meant to inspire peaceful conversations, break barriers, and build bridges across racial divides worldwide.

We believe in making a difference without breaking the bank. Thoughtfully, we have designed all products to be afforable across the board, everyone is invited to become apart of the BWYB Community.

Wherever you may be, you can join the BWYB movement. If we do not currently ship to your location directly from our online store, contact us, and we will manually ship you your desired products. 

Make a difference in your community by repping BWYB apparel and accessories; together, we can make a difference in this world. Join the movement, and let's change the narrative together. 

Your purchase has a purpose. Every item purchased contributes to the BWYB Foundation, a social enterprise designed to fulfill the BWYB mission. Check out our BWYB Foundation page for more information!