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About Us

About BWYB

BWYB, as an acronym for Black-White-Yellow-Brown, was founded on the belief that there are good and bad within all races, cultures and ethnicities and good people should unite, irrespective of societal constructs that often divide us. Founder and CEO Markeyon Wallock, transformed his passion for social justice and equality into a powerful brand. Through his clothing line and other various products, BWYB stands as a beacon of hope and change, urging good people to build bridges and unite. delivering excellence and care every step of the way.

Our inspiration

Cultivated from personal experiences of our founder, BWYB is routed in the commitment to bridge racial divides, promote diversity, equity and inclusion and encourage unity. We believe that "All men, women & Children were created equal and "We all are one people". We strive to educate the masses when it comes to the conversation of race we encourage people to extend Grace. As well as develop a pair of lens to understand each other's perspectives and start celebrating our differences.

Our Mission

AT BWYB, our mission is to build bridges to bring good people together. We pride ourselves on our drive to promote diversity, equity and inclusion through the BWYB brand. When you wear and utilize any BWYB product, you are sending a positive message out into the world. Letting people know you are an Ally with them. With the hope to inspire a movement bringing us closer to a harmonious society.

Support unity & celebrate diversity with any of our BWYB products

Why Choose US

We support our community 

We Promote Unity

Our creatively designed apparel is meant to inspire peaceful conversations, promote diversity, equity, inclusion, break barriers and build bridges across racial divides worldwide.

We are a Movement

Make a difference by simply wearing our apparel. Join the movement and stand up against racism, promoting love, unity, and equality

Supporting a Good Cause

Your purchase have a purpose. Every item purchased contributes to the BWYB foundation-A social enterprise designed to fulfill the BWYB mission

Quality and Affordable

We ensure that you are not just wearing a statement, but also experiencing quality. We ensure that you are not just wearing a statement, but also experiencing quality.

BWYB  Lookbook 
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What Our Community Is Saying

"I Love The Quality Of These Tees... And They Wash Well Too. Talk About The Vibrant Colours, The Design And The Meaning Behind This Brand...I'm Sold! I Ordered From Canada And The Shipping Process Was Seamless, They Came Just In Time For My Event."

Fania Ffrench

"Great Message And Awesome Customer Service! Markeyon Went Out Of His Way To Make Sure I Got The Perfect Size. Who Does That?! This Shows A High Regard For Excellence And Quality. Go BWYB!"

Luz Caraballo

"BWYB I Just Love The Feel Of This Outfit The Material The Softness The Concept Of The Brand I Gave It 100%. I Have Two Sets And I Need One More That’s How Much I Love The Brand And The Feel."

Patricia Gordon

"I Wear My BWYB Gear To Work All The Time! I Get Nothing But Positive Responses Whenever I Wear It!!!! The Designs Are Fresh And The Message Is Clear."

Christopher McDaniel

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