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BWYB Foundation

Our Goals For the Future

To become an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Meaning we will be defined as a charity fostering altruistic goodness into the world. Pushing for the prevention of cruelty.

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Meet Our CEO and  Founder

Markeyon Wallock is a man who thrives when bringing good people together. He believes tha through conversation, he can bring change about social injustice. He desires to continue creating a brand, growing into a community, that cultivates diversity, equality and inclusion. He has many accomplishments, such as: creating a successful brand, his activism for equality, and creating a inclusive community. Wallock is adamant on donating 10% of of his monthly sales to charity.

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"until then we are currently donating 10% of our monthly sales to YWCA Metropolitan Chicago and other small donations to various charities. I believe that it's an obligation to give back to the community and the people. Great things happen when good people stand together, stand with BWYB and together let's create a better tomorrow for us all as "one people"
- Markeyon Wallock

Community Partner Spotlight: BWYB

"You may remember us introducing BWYB as a YShop partner back in November. Owner Markeyon Wallock embodies our mission of eliminating racism through equity and inclusion in every facet of his life. Whenever you get the opportunity to speak with him, it's always a moment of joy of life and the beauty in humanity. Last month, Markeyon welcomed the new year by donating 40 winter coats to clients of our FamilyWorks program. You can see him photographed here with Brandon Hughes, the Associate Director of the program."
- Eliminating Racism Empowering Women YWCA Metropolitan Chicago


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