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Who We Are

BWYB was founded on the principles that all humans - men, women and children - were created equal and equal rights and justice for all, not just for some.

Meet Markeyon Wallock, founder of the BWYB brand. Markeyon was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica and migrated to the U.S. in 2002. 

Shortly after arriving in the U.S, he was given the opportunity to work in sales & marketing for a major business consulting firm. He spent 14 years with this firm but decided to switch to the trucking industry for a more stable income. In 2016, he became a proud teamster and a full time truck driver for one of the nation's oldest LTL carriers. He was placed on medical leave in August 2019, after suffering a major back injury.

Keyboard Warrior

Before his injury, Markeyon had never really gotten involved in politics or social justice issues, but over the past years, he started to pay more attention to the blatant racism all around us. Until it hit home and he was experiencing it on a personal level on social media. “I began to feel the need to stand up against that type of darkness, so I became a keyboard warrior against racism and racial hate. In an effort to make a difference, I started to point out different examples of racism and inequality in my social media posts.”

“I soon found out that my efforts to make a difference through social media were not successful nor productive. I was accused of always stirring the pot by posting anti-racist posts. I think at one point, I was even called a racist. It was then that I realized how sensitive the topic of racism is in America and how racially divided we are as a nation.”

The Birth of BWYB

That's when BWYB was born. BWYB is the acronym for BLACK-WHITE-YELLOW-BROWN. BWYB is designed to bridge racial divides, ease racial tensions, and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion regardless of race, culture or ethnicity, through apparel and swag products. At first glance BWYB may not be that different from the traditional clothing brands out there, but the message behind the brand clearly is. BWYB is designed for those who are non-racists and want to send a clear anti-racist message to people that do not look like them.

BWYB will make someone that doesn't look like you feel like they matter, will create comfort when there's racial diversity in a room, and will show you who the GOOD people are.

Hopefully, at some point we will all eventually realize that we are all actually human beings - none of us are aliens, so there's nothing to fear. Together we can build many bridges in an effort to stand together as one race - the human race.

BWYB is always making friends with people that share our ideals

BWYB is always making friends with people that share our ideals